Project RF-0029: Building home for Mrs. Trinh Thi Mot and her 3 grandchildren

Mrs. Trịnh Thị Mót is a 71-year-old widowed grandmother. She looks after her 3 grandchildren of 14 and 7 and 6 years of age. Two of her grandchildren are from her son and one from her daughter. Her son works as security personnel in Ho Chi Minh city and her daughter is a factory worker in Binh Duong. They send her some money every month for their children. All 3 grandchildren go to school (grade 6, grade 1, and pre-school). The school is 9 km from their home, and she is struggling to take and pick up to and from school, specially riding on very rough trains during wet season.
She built her primitive shelter 12 years ago, which now has worn out. The iron sheet walls are rusted through with many holes, which are now covered with plastic sheets and bags. The rain leaks through the worn-out ceiling and walls and makes it unsafe for the children.
Rima Foundation is considering to build a new home for Mrs. Trịnh Thị Mót once local authority approval for building is obtained.

Project RF-0029 completion clip

Video of current living conditions of Mrs. Trịnh Thị Mót and her 3 grandchildren

Building home for Mrs. Trinh Thi Mot and her 3 grandchildren

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