Building home for Trưong Văn Đây family

Trưong Văn Đây (61) and his wife (60) and the granddaughter (15) live in Vinh Loc commune, Hong Dan district, Bac Lieu province, Vietnam. His wife suffers from a heart condition (tight artery) and high blood pressure and unable to afford heart operation. Their granddaughter had to drop-out from school due to financial unaffordability of her education cost.
They have been living in the current shelter for 42 years. Most part of the ceiling and walls of their home are covered with tarps to minimize the leaking water during rain. The floor is made of hard clay, which becomes slippery and unsafe to walk when becomes wet.

Mr. Trưong Văn Đây works as casual laborer when work is available. Hence, their average income is very low. His wife is unable to work due to her heart conditions. Daily wage of a casual laborer is between 120,000đ – 200,000đ per day (AUD8.00 – 13.00 per day).
Video of current living condition of Trưong Văn Đây family

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