Project RF-0014: Building a Home for Mrs. Thạch Thị Tha and her 3 grandchildren

Sole grandmother Mrs. Thạch Thị Tha (56 yrs.) takes care of her 3 grandchildren Tuan (14 yrs.), Nga (13 yrs.) and Mai Đình (3 yrs.).Tuan and Nga are students at “Loving Class” and living in a very poor living conditions. Rima Foundation Limited is building a new home and assist Mrs. Thạch Thị Tha in generating some income. We have now obtained building permit from Ward 2 People Committee of Bac Lieu City (City Council) and finalised the land title transfer to Mrs. Thạch Thị Tha . Please download the Project Survey for detailed information and the living condition of this family.This project is sponsored by Enterprise Risk Management Solutions Pty Ltd in Adelaide, South Australia

Project RF-0014 – Building Home for Mrs. Thạch Thị Tha

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