Children Education

Children are the future, they are also most vulnerable. Rima Foundation Limited reaches out to children in need.

We work with less fortunate families to understand issues preventing their children education and assist them to overcome.

Many children of struggling families are unable to go to school or being looked after for various family problems caused by poverty. Most common issues are: financial struggle, single parents, who have to work to meet the basic needs, and transport to/from school, and children living with grandparents due to loss of their parents.

The Managing Director of Rima Foundation limited travels to rural communities to meet children and their families to identify issues affecting their children education and provide assistance and facilitate for children to receive the education and schooling they deserve.

Rima Foundation’s Scholarship Program helps children of struggling families with no/very low income in rural areas of Vietnam to assist their children’s educations

Community Development

We visit less fortunate families living under poverty line in rural areas to identify their challenges and help them to improve their life. Our Income Generation Program is focused on assisting families with no/low income to generate income.

We help struggling families in rural communities, who are able to help themselves by any means but not skilled or equipped to do so without the means. With consultation with these families we identify their needs and a workable solution to help them generating income through self-employment or provide skills or equipment for employment opportunities.

We often meet families with no clean water access or have to travel long distance to collect water for cooking and drinking. The water is often stored in unhygienic conditions, which exposes family members to various health risks. Rima Foundation Limited assists these families to gain access to clean water.

We also build basic homes for families in extremely poor living conditions.


Families living in poverty and rural areas are more at health risk. Poor health conditions are often associated with malnutrition, unaffordability to travel to major cities to seek medical treatments at early stages, and the poor living conditions. Some Children are born with some type of disabilities, which are treatable. However, due to unaffordability, they have no means to travel to hospitals in major cities and seek treatment.

Through raising funds, Rima Foundation Limited assist such families with the expenses associated with the medical treatments, and travel costs.