Project RF-0038: Scholarship to 17 students from Phuoc Long district

We awarded 17 high performing students of financially disadvantaged families in Phuoc Long district of Bac Lieu province, Vietnam on 28/01/2024. Our scholarship program is designed to support and continuation of the education of such children. Each student receives 3,000,000 vnd (~$200), which will cover the school fee, health insurance, books, and 2 sets of uniforms for entire academic school year). The eligibility criteria for our scholarship is that the student must have completed their previous grade year with a good to excellent mark.

We visited all of the nominated students and their families. Some of these students live very remote and 15-20km away from school. On the way visiting them and their family, I was praying for my life going through extremely rough and narrow tracks with motorcycle to get to their homes. This was during the dry season. I can’t imagine what these kids must go through during rain season on a daily basis. Some sections of the tracks become impassable after rain. These children have no choice to ride their scooter to certain points and walk the rest of the way on foot.

Scolarship award ceremony to Phuoc Long Students


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